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No matter how hard you tried

You couldn't close the customer 

Private Meeting

It is costing you

Time. Money. Opportunities 

Working in Office

Average engineering sales commission:

USD 112,780

Average financial services commission:

USD 93,090

Average wholesale and manufacturing commission: USD 92,980

Average insurance commission:

USD 67,780

Average advertising commission:

USD 64,660

Average real estate commission:

USD 62,060 

Average retail commission:

USD 29,360


You really tried your best,

but you didn't get the

results you wanted 


55% of people in sales

don't have the right skills

“A Sale is not complete, very often not because the product or service isn't good but the offer is made too early. "

How do I know?

Hi, my name is

Jace Tan

I am the author of
Jace Tan Circle PNG small.png
  • I built my own company from scratch.
  • I spent the last 30 years  selling different products and services.
  • I have trained and coached numerous new and seasoned sales professionals.
  • I have turned companies around by improving their twiddling sales.
List of Clients
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In my book, I cover 

the most common mistake you'll make 

Why You Lost That Sale- Book Cover-small

And teach you the

5 essential steps 

that you only need to know!

Happy Man

For NEW and 

EXPERIENCED sales professionals

Use this 5-steps in

multiple applications

Such as

Online Class


Sales Funneling



Email marketing

Video marketing

What people say after reading




"I have never seen a local author and sales book that is as interesting as 'Why you lost that sale' by Jace Tan. In his mastery, Jace has reduced the sales steps to what is essential and give you what is needed." 

- Agnes Wong,  Sales Director

"As a new person in Sales, I found the concepts easy to understand and comprehend. I didn't manage to cling my first sale but I remembered how I would have continued making the same mistakes if not for Mr Jace Tan's mentoring. I recommend attending his sales training to cut short your learning curve and become a strong contributor to your organization." 

- Devan Stephen, Rookie Sales

"Having spent more than 30 years in sales, I would say that the author has distilled the essence to close a sale without all the frills. The concepts and connections are so wonderfully put that you wished that you were the one writing this book!"

- James Lai, retired CEO

"I appreciate what was covered in the book and in the sales training. My biggest take-away will be the patience that comes along with the sales technique. Do not hurry to move to the next step if the client has not nibbled on each of the sales process. I can see why Jace Tan is a master in this area and how beautifully this process is put together."

- Sim, Senior Sales Executive

Does it apply to every product and services?

No, it doesn't apply to Low Utility and

Low Priced items

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 10.55.31

Is this relevant to the

COVID/ Post-Covid


Crowd of People with masks
COVID-19 has showed us that great selling skills are important!
In the past, people bought easily. Today, they buy what is necessary. 
So more than ever, great sales people are needed to help businesses thrive! This book allows you to do just that!



I like to offer you

to turn every PROSPECT into CUSTOMERS!

If you are still far away from your sales commission of $100,000,

Will you pay $24.99
 to find out how?

“I am going to show you what comes before making that OFFER!"
- Jace Tan


In the world of the best sales people, the law of numbers do not apply. You just need a powerful conversion technique. 

'Why you lost that sale' is a 229 page book with existing sales templates is the sales book that you would ever need!

Click now for a special price

Why You Lost That Sale- Book Cover-small

Money-back Guaranteed!

Buy with a peace of mind

If you are unpleased with your purchase, I will be happy to offer you a 100-day money back guarantee.

No questions asked. 

Life-time updates!

If you know about me, I am always updating my books and making them better. 
You will be getting a life-time updates for these books.
You will be receiving these updates in your emails to download your latest copy.
Ready to CLOSE some SALES?

If it is important to you,

you will find a way.

If not, you will find an excuse. 

Bought it?

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