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Hear it from the learners

People whose life has been changed


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Knowing one's strengths gives you a better understanding of yourself and how you operate best"

Alan Yeo

Cycle and Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“Very useful knowledge imparted from a very knowledgeable trainer.”

Alice Lai

HR Director, Sony Singapore

“Please allow me to thank you for Identi3's effort in putting up an interesting team building program for Sony Vaio Team.”

Alok Srivastava

Country Manager, Cengage Learning India

“All the activities were good and kept everyone engaged. Lots of things came as a reinforcement to our daily life.”


YCH Logistics

“It had been a insightful, engaging and enjoyable experience. Have taken away learning which I will be applying to my work and life (i.e. understanding of the different types of identities and how to deal with them accordingly). Thank you Jace”. 


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"I was able to identify what kind of personality type that I have and how to use it in my management role."


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Different types of Leadership Communication and listening is a key factor in understanding and solving issues/conflicts
Knowing your self is important.
Important of monitoring and encouraging staff performing better."


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Biggest take away 
1. Knowing ourselves better especially hidden self. It plays important role in our management skills and areas to improve."

Apple Tang

Group HR, Hemsley Design Holdings

"We had a wonderful 1 day team building conducted by our very friendly consultant Jace Tan. Our team members were all quite tense prior to the event and most of them were unwilling to open up about their traits and personality. As the program ran, every one of our team were engaged and actively participated. We got to better understand ourselves in terms of how we look at things and how we would be responding to situations. We learnt about the differences between colleagues. It helped us to realise the reasons for those previously prevailing team conflicts. The program also helped the teammates to better understand how best to minimise conflicts and maximise each other’s strength when it comes to team work."

Arpita Tiwari

Office of Business Improvement, SMU

“A very good session that helped us to do a good diagnostic of ourselves and the Team.”

CH Yuen

Director, Electrical Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“The event has provided us an opportunity to refresh our thoughts on leadership and team bonding. Throughout the activities, you have consistently reminded us the elements of a successful team and the leadership that we need to take when venturing new ground. 


Your teaching on thinking out of the box, effective communication by starting with the bigger picture and step out of the line to know more about the situation & opportunities have enlightened us on how we can improve our way of work in the office.


It has been a great experience! Thank you once again.”

Caroline Yeo

UOB Parkway Branch

“The class gave me further insights of who I am”


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"I have learnt more about my strengths and weaknesses. This will help me improve myself."

Dennis Choo

District Sales Manager for Fuji Xerox Singapore

“Hi Jace,


Thank you very much for your time and guidance.


It’s an honour and pleasure having you as the trainer for this course. It’s definately an eye-opener and an interesting course for me. Not only can I apply this for my work but it also make me reflect and think of how I can improve as a parent.


I look forward to meet you again on the follow-up session.”

Douglas Ariza

Director of Rooms, Regent Hotel Singapore

"I just wanted to say thank you again for a fulfilling training on personal value profile. 

I found the 3-day module and exercises very insightful and helpful to understand and improve my leadership."


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"The Biggest Takeaway: How my IDENTI3 traits can contribute to the organization and what areas to improve to align myself to the organization's Mission, Vision and Values."

Edward Tiu

Assistant Head, Enrichment and Professional Learning (Singapore Cambodia International Academy)

Wonderful training and pleasant experience with you, looking forward to having more!

Edward Yoshioka

Publisher, Cengage Learning Japan

“Very well organized, balanced and integrated. Hope that HR can organize similar events to build on this round of training.” 


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"I know my own IDENTI3 traits. now I have a betetr understanding of work relationship and how to handle each person differently."

Eunice Kwan

Cycle and Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“Jace keeps us alert! This is the only training that I didn’t feel tired. In fact, I felt engaged !” 

Eva Lu

International Assignment Consultant, Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd

“The Identi3 training is an interesting activity for me to understand myself and the team better.” 

Faizah Rahmat (Ms)

Head, Corporate Development, MENDAKI SENSE PTE LTD

"SENSE staff found the session to be meaningful. For most, it's totally a new experience and eye-opener for them whereby they were able to gain better understanding of their own personality traits as well as their peers, allowing them to build on their relationship for effective work snyergies. They mentioned the need to have more of such sessions in the future. 


Thank you for facilitating the interactive teambuilding activity for SENSE. It was engaging and fun for the staff."


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Learnt my strength and weakness.

Becoming a role model and building rapport is important to make us work well as a team."


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Knowing the situation that result in action, understanding the behavior and the impact of it."

Gene Chow

Cycle and Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“This is the first time I did not feel tired and sleepy. Every topic is interesting and relevant to my job scope.”

Irene Leng

HR Director, Toppan Photomask Singapore

“Identi3 trainers are professional and experiential.  They are able to deliver their unique informal learning program that runs every 2-month effectively. It is definitely a very positive experience that benefited our people and the organization.”

Irene Teo

HR Director, Cengage Singapore

“Wanted to compliment the Identi3 Team who were able to adjust and adapt so fast to the situation. It is great! Never knew that learning through ‘Playing’ can be so effective. Thank you!”

Jasmine Chua

UOB Parkway Branch

“Identi3 Profiling gives me a better understanding of myself and my team.”


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"I thought I know myself.. Now I do.

Understanding my strengths and weaknesses better, henceforth being able put my strengths to better use and working on my weaknesses! 

Thank you Johnny!


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Knowing my characteristics enable me to know my weaknesses and the area that I lack in, to improve in those areas."

Jessica Lim

Admin Director of Star Learners Child Care

"In a partnership with Identi3, Star Learners embarked on NTUC LearningHub’s teambuilding programme which adopted the use of a psychometric profiling tool to address disparity and gaps within work teams. It provided participants interesting insights to better understand themselves and why individuals handled tasks in a particular manner."


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"To be able to leverage on each other's strengths will make us more effective as a team."


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Learning the positive traits of role modeling skills, we have to exemplify these characteristics in our daily working life."

Johnson Anthony

Assistant Vice President, OCBC Bank

“An excellent day, well organized, great staff. Thanks!” 

Jomini Abaya

Territory Manager, Cengage Learning Philippines

“All the major activities were the best part of the workshop!” 

Jonathon Chu Mingzhi

Cycle and Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“Interesting analysis and overview on how organizations function. Clear and concise methods for those who are transiting to people managers and what we have to do to achieve it.” 


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Every individuals are different and have their own strengths/weaknesses. We work as a team to complement one another. (TEAM)"

Kang Chang Cai

UOB Parkway Branch

“The results were accurate and reflect my personality traits well!”

Kelvin Kong

Sales Capabilities Leader, SEA, Unilever

"The Identi3 tool has helped me understand my team members very well, their inclination, values and preferences. It has helped me hire the right employees and also help me resolved conflicts in my team."

Lim Shiou Liang

Singapore Armed Forces Captain

"The profiling session has certainly been helpful. I am amazed at how accurate the analysis is and that you have provided me with good directions to proceed as I am about to make a career transition from the Army to the commercial world. 


I certainly look forward to the Career Coaching Workshop, which I strongly believe will allow me to explore more of self awareness skills and narrow down into areas and to develop your own personal strategies."

Lin Junyi

Kulicke and Soffa, Singapore

“I really enjoyed the activities and appreciate the Identi3 session. It helped me understand myself and my colleagues better.”

Loong S.W

National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"The course helping me to understand the different type of traits of my personal profiling so that I can strengthen my weakness for improvement."

Michelle Chong

Assistant Sales Manager, Cycle and Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“Interest level was kept high throughout the 2 days.” 

Michelle Loh

National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"I now know my personality trais better and in depth. Thank you!"

Mohamad Rezal

Cycle and Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“This course has interesting findings about individual strength, weakness and improvement in work processes!” 

Ow Li Fern

International Assignment Consultant, Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd

“The Identi3 test helps me to increase self awareness of my own personality and it is helpful.”

Peter Au-Yang

Kulicke and Soffa, United States

“Identi3 profiling increased the awareness of how to interact with others more effectively.”

Ramesh C

Senior Manager, Human Resource & Admin, YCH Logistics (India)

“Overall good!, I felt, if we add on to taken certain HR Challenges from country presentation and linked with IDENTI3 Profiling Program then it might have great & LIVE to feel and explore ourselves to improve”. 

Saliyah Binte Salim

UOB Parkway Branch

“Excellent training as I discover my own potential and others too.”

Shari Boston

Planning Director, Merck Sharpe Dome

“This is to confirm our satisfaction on Identi3 Profiling Tool. Identi3 has a user-friendly pictogram that quickly and easily present a great amount of information that allowed the management to assess individual’s strength, competency for personal development and understanding of behavioral for change management. 


The activities had achieved the following learning objectives: 

- Teambuilding

- Negotiation

- Leadership

- Decision Making

- Initiative Taking

- Communication

- Strategic Planning

- Personal/ Group Motivation

- Problem Solving

- Crisis Management

- Empowerment


Identi3 facilitators demonstrated high professionalism in outlining an inspiring, enriching and fun program for our team and we would certainly recommend your services to our affiliates or business associates. 


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Very insightful sharing which help to identify my personality as well as my strengths and weakness."

Soo Weng Loong

Section Manager, Learning & Development, YCH Logistics

“The facilitator, Mr. Jace Tan was able to break the ice between the participants at the beginning of the session. This ensured the entire team building had everyone comfortable with each other. Plus, the facilitation was done in a way that promotes mutual sharing on a voluntary and postive basis without intimidation as some may see Identi3 Profiling as very personal and yet hesitant to share."

Sopheak Tuy

Assistant Head, Business Development

It's such great workshops that all participants really impressed your trainings, particularly your coaching styles in enhancing their skills.
Looking forward to working with you again in the next workshops.

Steve Matsumura

General Manager, Cengage Learning Japan

“It was actually very good and well organized for the 2 days. Trainers handled the activities very well. Also, the style of training was quite good. It was not forceful or pushy.” 

Susan Leong

Corporate Learning & Development
, Group Human Resources, United Overseas Bank Ltd

"On behalf of the UOB Summit Project Team, we would like to thank you for the good feedback received."

Sybelle Ong

Marketing and Management Student, Kaplan Singapore

Earlier today, I attended the ‘Personality Profiling: Match Your Personality to the Right Job’ Workshop facilitated by Mr Jace Tan which has helped me to uncover some of my blindspots, and challenged me to work on these areas to improve further.

My IDENTI3 results have indeed surprised me. Not only have I discovered more about myself, my strength, and my personality, but it also gave me the confidence to pursue what I’m meant for.

A big thank you to Jace Tan & Kaplan Singapore for making this possible! I may not have all the answers today but I hope the new reflections will drive me to higher consciousness, more dialogues, and affirmative actions for the futur


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"I know myself better and understand now why some things that I do come naturally while at other times, I have to work harder at other things."

Tan Lee Hong

Product Manager, Cengage Learning Malaysia

“The best part was the leadership challenge and teamwork. Both activities emphasized the importance of clear communication, consistency, shared goals, follow-through and team work. The facilitators have done a great job! Thanks!”

Tan Li Yan

Cycle and Carriage Industries Pte Ltd

“Very well thought out training session. Interactive activities which are engaging and useful.”

Tay Chee Hoe

Senior Manager, Cengage Learning Singapore

“On behalf of all the participants, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for the job well done. 


The entire session was very well coordinated and executed despite the wet weather. I thought your team reacted well to the change in weather and made adjustments to the program accordingly. All the trainers exhibited a high level of professionalism and knowledge in the subject. Apart from the many learning takeaways, we all had a great time through the fun-filled activities. I hope we will have another opportunity to work with you again in the future.”

Tzu Bing

VP of Private Bank I Raffles Place, UOB Bank

"Our team had an awesome time during yesterday’s Identi3 session.


It was extremely insightful and useful as a tool for us to better our work and people relationships."

Wee Min Yi

Kulicke and Soffa, Singapore

“I like Identi3 profiling because it gets me thinking how it affects team dynamics.


Using Identi3 also helps me reflect and improve my self-awareness and styles at work.”


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Getting to know my leadershiop traits which is very helpful for my career development. Enjoyed the session and the technology used. It's an eye opener and it enhances our overall learning experience!"


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)

"Learning on personal trait impact on team development and culture building. Enjoyed a variety of activities of learning; Enjoyed and learned handling challenging situations form everyone."

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