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This book is dedicated to New and Experienced Coaches who wants to find a better way to get results

If you ever tried to get

someone to change,

you'll know how difficult it is. 

Whether you are a New or Experienced Coach, you would probably have been challenged with such a situation.

Struggling to coach can cost you:

  • Your Time
  • Your Credibility 
  • Your Self Esteem
  • Other Opportunities

And you thought a
professional certificate and coaching hours is sufficient

(but it isn't...)

How Coaches are approach Coaching

E - Explore

Asking questions to prompt thoughts or reflection

Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 4.53.48 PM.png

The lack of people-centric approach means that people may not feel appreciated. 

Psychology Session

Real transformation happens only when people feel empowered

and people only feel empowered when they feel that they are being 'heard'.

How do I know?

Hi, my name is

Jace Tan

I am the author of 'D.E.E.P Coaching'
Jace Tan Circle PNG small.png
  • I have coached executives in middle and upper management to success.
  • I spent the last 17 years working with successful people and interviewing them on their secrets to success.
  • I have trained and profiled more than 10,000 people.
  • I am the Master Trainer for IDENTI3 profiling and have certified many capable Coaches.
  • I conducted the largest psychometric studies consisting of 11,037 people in Singapore and has attained amazing insights to the population. 
  • I written more than 7 books including 'Why You Fail to Coach'.

You won't believe until you see this

List of my Clients
KFC PH.png

Why am I letting you into this SECRET?

Over the years, I have built my skills in psychology and coaching that few can match. 

However, I witness many men and women struggling to coach others.  

As a father of a young daughter, I know that one day, she will be mentored by someone. And I wish that person would have my same coaching skill. 

I also wish to leave this place better than when I inherit it. 

So, I worked to reach out to more people like you.

So I developed the
D.E.E.P Coaching Model
and wrote

for NEW and EXPERIENCED Coaches

A book with a coaching process, so simple yet powerful, that gets you the amazing coaching results
Psychology Patient

Why is this book so transformational?

 As the adage goes: ‘When the cup is full, you can’t add any more water’.

People, whether they are in a healthy state of mind or emotionally

distressed, come with emotional baggage; their cup is already full.


It is only by ‘emptying the cup’ first that you can then add in water of your own; then you can help the client to take their first steps towards  transformation.

Overflowing water-02.png

Hear from the people who use the

Real People, Real Testimonies

D.E.E.P Coaching Model

Watch what the managers of KFC and Pizza Hut

has to say about 'D.E.E.P Coaching'

"Simple yet powerful concept that will significantly change the way we (Coaches) coach."

Frederick Toh

Executive Coach


"What can I say? I enjoyed reading your other books and this one came at no surprises. With your years of experience in Coaching, you have hit the nail on the head (again)!"

Judy Seah

Marketing Manager

'As an Educator for more than two decades, I have never come across such astonishing concept -  Simple to understand, Easy to implement and Effective for the Teacher.'

Tess Yeoh

MOE Teacher

Use the
D.E.E.P Coaching Model 

to turn every 





WHY YOU FAIL TO COACH is a 105 page book for Leaders, Managers, Teachers and Coaches. 

WHY YOU FAIL TO COACH allows you to become a sympathetic, charismatic Coach that your clients will look up to. 

In this book, you will learn the key concept of DEEP Coaching and how to execute them.

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Fail to coach-small.jpg

Wait! I need more


What do you provide?


Want to transform your leaders and managers into Transformation Coaches? 

We can help you!

We run physical classes as well as virtual classes. Send us more details of what you have in mind?


DEEP COACHING Certification

You are excited about DEEP Coaching as much as we do and wants to be formally trained in this. 

We have put together a 4 hour online training schedule to guide you through the steps. Graduates get a certificate from us and referral for coaching opportunities. You join our family of Coaches and get discounted rates for future Coaching courses.  


DEEP COACHING Master Trainer Accreditation

You are excited about DEEP Coaching as much as we do and wants to train other trainers.

We have put together a 8 hour online training schedule to guide you through how to canvas to potential trainers, coaches, leaders and managers. 

You join our family of Master Trainers and also conduct classes that we assemble.


Not what you want?

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