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What's Your Blind Spot? (Revised Edition)

** It is advised that (1) You should get your IDENTI3 Personality Profiling done to go along with the content of this book, (2) This is the book that you shoul read before 'The Genius Matrix'.


You want success in your life. You spend a considerable amount of effort and money looking for success but fall short of your goals. The explanation is simple:


  YOU are only as STRONG as your WEAKEST link. 


Not knowing your blind spots will derail your chances of Success. Chinese philosopher Lao Tze once said, “He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.”


Through this book, Jace Tan gives you an insight to your behavioral blind spot(s) and help you win in your game of life. 

What's Your Blind Spot? (Revised Edition)

  • This is a digital softcopy of the book. This is not an actual physical book. 

    The digital copy will be sent to your email provided in your purchase information

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