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Genius Package (2 e-books + 15 reports)

This contains 2 e-books + 1 set of individual reports. 


The 2 e-books are:

1) What's your Blindspot?

2) The Genius Matrix 


Your Personality Profiling Questionnaire will be sent to this email. If you want to get someone else to do it, ask them to respond to the email that is being sent. 


** (1) Complete your IDENTI3 Personality Profiling before you start reading (2) Read 'What's your Blindspot' before 'The Genius Matrix'.

Genius Package (2 e-books + 15 reports)

  • This is a digital softcopy of the book. This is not an actual physical book. 

    The digital copy will be sent to your email provided in your purchase information. 

    For profiling, the questionnaire will be sent to you email address provided.

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