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Don't Marry Yet

You meet someone special. You fall in love. You enter the relationship hoping for the best. However, the closer you get, the uglier it gets. Soon, you feel that your relationship is toxic.   


Regardless of whom you date or marry, the same relationship story repeats over and over again. Although they look different at first, before you know it, you are right back where you were.


Why does Love and relationship behaves in such a mysterious way? 


It doesn’t have to be! 


Nothing is accidental. Nothing is a coincidence. It all boils down to the way we are designed and structured as human beings. We are calling for this repetition but it is in our control to change it. 


A growing number of researchers and clinicians have concluded that most unhappy couples need education rather than therapy. An education in “how to make relationships work,” and the specific skills that make them work well. 


Many couples do not attempt to learn how to sustain their relationship despite knowing that failure is a possible outcome. We think our love is so unique that we will not have problems. We do not realize that the survival of marriage is not about love; it is about skills. It is a skill to know how not to escalate a conflict if your relationship is not working; It is not that you picked the wrong person.


If you are keen to make your current or future relationship work, this book will reveal how. 

Don't Marry Yet

  • This is a digital softcopy of the book. This is not an actual physical book. 

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