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Resilience (Mental and Emotional) and Adaptability Report Announcement

30th March 2021 - Singapore

IDENTI3 International Pte Ltd announces the launch of their new report called the 'Resilience (Mental and Emotional) and Adaptability Guide' which reveals how a person copes based on his traits.

Unlike conventional management theory that uses an encompassing term for each #Mental and #Emotional #suffering, traits-based approach like #IDENTI3 reveals how each person respond at each #trait level. #Adaptability or being adaptable to the situation or changes is also analyzed.

According to Mr Jace Tan, Director of IDENTI3 International Pte Ltd, "Such a report is timely in the crisis that we are facing. The workforce is suffering from an increased in mental health issues due to the #VUCA environment. Being able to 'X-Ray' each individual provides an accurate way to assess and treat the causal of each person's stress area. Two persons may be suffering from stress but both person cope differently. This is where our 'Resilience (Mental and Emotional) and Adaptability Guide' can show how each person is affected"

Such insights will allow certified #Coaches, #Trainers and HRs to be able to diagnose and provide a tailor-made coaching support to those in need. In the use of #recruitment, organizations can also identify those who are more resilient rather than losing valued staff over certain deployments.

IDENTI3 International Pte Ltd is a tool publisher with more than 37 years history and has a 17 years presences in Singapore. Some of its clients include, Singapore Police Force, Cycle and Carriage, Changi Airport Group, Power Seraya, DBSchenker, just to name a few.

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