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I wished someone told me this when I was twenty-one...

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

On Wednesday, I was staring at a group of twenty-ones as part of their #selfdiscovery #selfawareness training. This wouldn't have happened ten years back when the world was just talking about being #competent in what you do.

Thankfully, the world has changed and for the better. The #leadership of the client's organization is quite a #visionary and is among the first few to embark on #personaldevelopment for his organization.

With twenty-six pair of eyes staring at me, I decipher their #personality through IDENTI3 profiling telling them about themselves in ways they couldn't imagine. They are quick to realise the benefits for their #personal, #emotional and #mental development. Needless to say, their feedback form documented their improvements from 40% to 90% in terms of understanding themselves.

I shared with them the usefulness of #selfawareness and how #selfrealisation can improve #personalperformance but also #mentalhealth and #relationships with the people around us.

In the large theatre where I delivered the training with social distancing, I couldn't help and reflected on my own journey.

What was I doing when I was #twentyone ?

I remembered feeling #clueless and #directionless. I remembered while my peers zoomed ahead in their fancy cars and houses, I didn't know what my #purpose was. Fast forward two decades, everything turned out alright.

So I stood in front of my learners and said, "You know something? I wished someone had told me when I was twenty-one; so that I did not have to live my life anxiously about what the future holds. I wished someone had told me my personality, how I made #decisions due to my personality, my #blindspots, my #fears, my #procrastinations , my #goals and how I can achieve them. Today, I have some answers for you.

Most importantly, I wished that someone would have told me that everything is going to turn out alright.

So I stood up to the front of the class and said: Today, I am going to be that someone and I am going to tell you: You may not know this yet but everything is going to be alright!"

I could see the impact of this speech: Shoulder's relaxed from that #heavyburden and #anxiety. Smiles began to lit on their faces. People began to start breathing. They looked forward to living their lives.

And to me, it is one of the greatest reward as a #coach and #trainer.

And to those of you who didn't attend my class and reading this, I just want to say to you: "You may not know this yet but everything is going to be alright!"

This Article is contributed by our Coach and Trainer - Jace Tan.

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