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My Journey of Writing "Don't Marry Yet": A Marriage Preparation and Counseling Book

Embarking on a journey to write a book is an endeavor filled with challenges, growth, and the opportunity to share knowledge with a wider audience.

I took on this adventure by writing my marriage preparation and counseling book, titled "Don't Marry Yet."

Through this blog, I would like to share my experiences, struggles, and ultimate success in listing my book on Amazon Books, enabling me to reach and help a wider audience.

The Motivation Behind "Don't Marry Yet":

As someone who has witnessed the joys and challenges of relationships firsthand, I realized the need for a comprehensive guide to assist individuals in preparing for marriage. I was motivated to create a resource that could help couples navigate the intricacies of married life and equip them with the tools necessary for a successful and fulfilling union.

The Writing Process: Writing "Don't Marry Yet" was a labor of love, fueled by extensive research, personal experiences, and insights gained from working as a relationship counselor. I began by outlining the book's structure, identifying key topics, and developing a roadmap to guide readers through the pre-marital phase.

I was very focused on not repeating the usual 'advices' such as effective communication, conflict resolution, financial management, goal-setting, and understanding expectations. Instead, it was focused on the science of how relationships were formed and how they are broken as time passes.

Using the framework which I named as 'Relationship Effectiveness Quotient, I poured my heart and soul into every word, ensuring the content was relatable, practical, and engaging for readers.

Graph of the Relationship Effectiveness Quotient. Copyright

Overcoming Challenges:

Throughout my writing journey, I encountered numerous challenges that tested my perseverance and commitment.

Time management was a significant hurdle, as I balanced my regular responsibilities with the demands of writing a book. However, I set aside dedicated hours each week, prioritizing my writing goals and making steady progress.

Another challenge was maintaining motivation during moments of self-doubt. Writing can be an isolating experience, but I found solace in when I talk to couples and turning around their relationships using the key fundamentals I have highlighted. It helps to remind myself of the positive impact "Don't Marry Yet" can have on people's lives.

The Impact and Fulfillment:

Once I completed the book, I began to use it in my training and coaching classes.

As the positive reviews and messages of gratitude started pouring in, I realized the true impact "Don't Marry Yet" was making in people's lives. People shared how the book had given them valuable insights, improved their communication, and fortified their relationships.

These were what the people said:

“You have provided amazing insights as to what makes and breaks a relationship. I wished it was available 10 years ago. This could have saved my marriage.” - Frankie Teo

“Maintaining a successful relationship isn’t a game of chance. As you have rightly pointed out, the love chemistry fizzles out over time and we are left to our own. Most of us grapple with our relationship using others or our parents as models. What a big mistake! The Relationship Effectiveness Quotient is truly the blueprint for maintaining and sustaining the relationship between two people. This framework will serve well for those who are genuine.” - Daisy Toh

“Firstly, I wanted to say great job in the book! It is very relevant and applicable to my current relationship of 2+ years.

After reading the book, I was quite intrigued by the various concepts that were covered, and am very motivated to discuss them with my boyfriend. My eyes have been opened to other ways I can use to make my relationship better, ways that no one has shared with me before. The anecdotes used throughout the book were very clear, and it was easy to relate them to my past experiences.

Lastly, thank you for sharing your book with me, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)” - Annabelle Ong

Listing "Don't Marry Yet" on Amazon Books:

After completing the manuscript, my next step was to get "Don't Marry Yet" published and accessible to a broader audience. I chose to self-publish through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, which offered an excellent opportunity to reach readers worldwide.

The process of listing my book on Amazon was not so straightforward and user-friendly. I had previously formatted my book in PDF and ready for print. I had to redo the type-setting on Docx so that it becomes a flowable text on Kindle.Recognizing the preference for different reading formats, I ensured that "Don't Marry Yet" was available in both digital and physical editions, catering to those who still enjoy the tangible experience of holding a book in their hands.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of the lengthy writing process was the opportunity to thoroughly proofread and revise the content multiple times. With each revision, I strived to enhance the readability and overall quality of the book, ensuring that it became an even more compelling and informative read.

Reaching a Wider Audience:

Finally after a month or so and endless type setting, 'Don't Marry Yet' was finally live on Amazon. It is available for free if you have the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription or just USD0.99. It is intended as a non-profit resource, aimed at fostering healthier relationships and marriages.

My next steps will be to reached out to bloggers, influencers, and relationship experts, offering them review copies of the book and inviting them to share their thoughts with their followers. I will also start to collaborate with entities and host virtual book launch events to connect directly with readers and address their questions and concerns.


After dedicating six years of my life to writing a book aimed at saving relationships, I can confidently say that the journey has been rewarding and fulfilling. Throughout the process, I faced numerous challenges, but the passion to make a positive impact on people's lives kept me going.

The motivation behind "Don't Marry Yet" was to provide individuals with valuable advice and guidance, equipping them with the necessary tools to build better relationships and marriages. As a not-for-profit resource, the book emphasizes the importance of fostering healthy and fulfilling unions.

Knowing that "Don't Marry Yet" has played a role in improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening relationships fills me with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The journey of writing this book has not only expanded my own knowledge and understanding of relationships, but it has also reinforced my belief in the power of education and guidance in transforming lives.

Moving forward, I am committed to continuing my work in supporting and empowering individuals in their pursuit of healthy, fulfilling relationships. This book is just the beginning of a lifelong journey to make a positive impact and create a ripple effect of love, understanding, and lasting happiness.

In conclusion, writing "Don't Marry Yet" has been a transformative experience. It has not only provided me with personal growth but has also given me the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of others. I am grateful for the six years spent on this endeavor, and I look forward to the continued impact it will have on relationships for years to come.

Don't Marry Yet is available here:


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