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Discover the Genius in your Children

When I was a child, I was called #stupid many times by my parents and teachers. I was hopeless at remembering things. I was bad at my math. All I was interested in was playing. I was unmotivated to study.

Sound familiar to everyone here?

Albert Einstein once said, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing that it is stupid!"

That was what happened to me. I believed that I was inferior to my brother and all those around me. I grew up trying to compensate for my inadequacy. I tried pretending to the person people wanted me to be... until one day, I decided that it had to stop.

I started to listen to my inner voice - Its small but important voice. Coming to get to know #identi3 #psychometric tool was the start of the #mindfulness and #alignment journey. #Identi3 gave me confirmation of who I am, not who I pretended to be.

I began in a 17 year study and exploration of what made people successful. I conducted numerous interviews and read countless biography. The results were astonishing and simple: I published part of my findings in the #TheGeniusMatrix so that we can recognise our Genius and that of the people around us, including our children!

I am glad to that Yannie Yong, #entrepreneur, #motivationalspeaker and most importantly a Mother of four, is aligned with the theme and has decided to speak about the subject on 'DISCOVERING THE #GENIUS IN YOUR #CHILDREN', on 26th August 2021, 8 pm via Zoom.

The session is organized by People's Association and Women's Integration Network. Scan the QR code to gain a complimentary access.

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