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Have you felt this way?

Defeated and unaccomplished?


You have less than average lifetime income of
USD 2.7 million dollars?*

You've known losses!

Emotional . Financial . Psychological . 

You could have...

You should have...

You would...

You can...

You must...

You will...

You really tried...

You really tried your best,

but you didn't get the

results you wanted! 

Portrait Man

How Can YOU

do things better?

Be happy with what you do for the rest of your life

1. Be in RIGHT JOB


Learn how to work with anyone and make them like you
Learn how to lead in any circumstances and climb the corporate ladder

3. Be a LEADER

Fall in love with your partner and create a sustainable relationship

4. Be in LOVE

Attain inner peace and harmony



How can you

achieve Success

at 25 instead of 65

Look at the graph and ask which stage are you in?

Look at the graph and ask yourself where are you?
Making Money.png
Studies shown that 50% of the people are unhappy with their life and with their work.

If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you or someone you know, is one of them. 

Deep down, you know that you are not aligned. 

How do I know?

Hi, my name is

Jace Tan

Jace Tan Circle PNG small.png
  • I spent the last 17 years working with successful people and interviewing them on their secrets to success.
  • I have trained and profiled more than 10,000 people.
  • I conducted the largest psychometric study  in Singapore, consisting of 11,037 people and has amazing insights to the population. 
  • I have coached executives in middle and upper management to success.
  • I founded 'The Genius Matrix' and have guided countless of 'Raw Diamonds', 'Lost Talents', 'Under Achievers' to become GENIUSES.
List of Clients
KFC PH.png

You won't believe until you see this

How am I

transforming YOU?


Why am I letting you into this SECRET?

Over the years, I have built my skills in psychology and coaching that few can match. 
One evening on a rainy day, on my way to dinner, I heard someone crying. It was a young man drenched to the bones. To have a grown man crying, he must be deeply troubled.
I went over but he refused to let me help him and walked away. 
Over the years, I have witnessed eager young men and women who worked hard but fortune did not favour them. They do not know why but I do! 
I realised that I have been kept busy by big corporates and wealthy families, helping them become richer and happier
But most people are still poor and sad. If only everyone can benefit from my knowledge. 
So, I worked to reach out to more people.

Why people love


Muhammad Niwas, was slightly clueless before he stepped into my workshop.


Upon discovering his personality traits and his GENIUS profile, Muhammad felt a message from my workshop. He walked away, knowing what he has to do for the rest of his life.

Benjamin Toh, a graduate from PSB Academy, had a hunch that he was in the wrong job.


When he attended my talk, he was happy to confirm his senses was right.


THE GENIUS MATRIX helped Benjamin, affirmed who he is and pointed him in the right direction.

Like many, Katherine Tjandra, didn't know what to expect when she signed up for my workshop.


She is more than pleased on what she has discovered about herself and about the people around.


Will you be like her?

Khyla Raman, was brought up by parents who care for her the only way they knew.


In order to protect her, they insisted that she abandoned her dreams and follow the mainstream education.


Khyla woke up many years later to realised how she has been burying her potential. Watch her story as she struggles to become the GENIUS she is meant to be.

Is this relevant to the

COVID/ Post-Covid


Crowd of People with masks
The lesson we learn from COVID-19, is Life is SHORT.
Many had their breath taken away from them before they were ready to go.
Many dreams and goals go unfulfilled.
I have updated how you can adapt and excel in the  the NEW NORMAL so that you can find out your calling and live your life to your fullest.



I like to offer you

to change your LIFE

Stressed Man

If you can get your lifetime income of USD2.7 million dollars, will you pay $24.99?

(Book One)


WHAT'S YOUR BLINDSPOT is a 165 page manual that explains how your personality prevents you from achieving your success. 

Uncover your 'trapped and conflicted' behaviors and help you over your your procrastination.

Use 'Xmas22' for discount code

Impression on Blindspot Book-small.jpg

(Book Two)


THE GENIUS MATRIX is a 210 page book with a step-by-step guide to discovering your potential. 


When you complete your assessment, this is your guide to reference your genius. Use this to AWAKEN YOUR GENIUS.

Use 'Xmas22' for discount code

Impression of Genius book 2small.jpg


Your transformation


without your personality report!

Get your 16 PERSONALISED REPORT for a special price!

Use 'Xmas10' for discount code

Money-back Guaranteed!

Buy with a peace of mind

If you are unpleased with your purchase, I will be happy to offer you a 100-day money back guarantee.

No questions asked. 

Life-time updates!

If you know about me, I am always updating my books and making them better. 
You will be getting a life-time updates for these books.
You will be receiving these updates in your emails to download your latest copy.
Ready to discover your Genius?

If it is important to you,

you will find a way.

If not, you will find an excuse. 

Bought it?

Join the excited people below!

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